October 2018

Web Development

Web development is a term used for creation of content management systems or CMS for the work involved in developing a web site for the Internet or a private network i.e. Intranet. Web development includes within it tasks like web engineering, web content development, web design, client side / server side scripting, e commerce development. Web development can range from developing a simple web page of plain text to most


With increasing globalization and liberalization and recent advancement in information technology have transformed every facet of human life and revolutionized the world as never before. Computer soft wares are gradually becoming a decisive force in making important decision. The use of software’s has penetrated in every walk of life be it transportation ,Medicare ,telecommunication ,defense ,industrial processing ,entertainment, office utilities ,space research, environmental predictions and so on. BUSINESS ANALYTICS: Business

Ethical Hacking

WHAT IS ETHICAL HACKING? The first foremost question always arise that what actually is ethical hacking and how can we safeguard our system from being hacked by the nasty hackers.As  we all know and have heard of hacking which is so obvious in its nature. The nasty  hackers rift the systems and  thereafter exploit it.  But what’s then the difference between the hacking and the ethical hacking, actually it is

Business Analytics

WHAT IS BUSINESS ANALYTICS? Business Analytics is an integral part  as it uses statistics and tools to break the  consumer insights on the basics of accrued  data and business intelligence which will further help them to predict the future behavior, in helping the business run better.Business Analytics have become vital for the growth and development of the companies of today. Large investments are being made in big data analytics to

Ethical Hacking

Every blooming organization knows very well the relevance of securing information. As we all know that the immense ever-increasing business activities of the organizations due to globalization boost  security concerns to a large extent which if ignored may cause a huge loss in terms of a breach in the system hence data theft. There are so many certified ethical hackers thus fetch great importance in this rounded scenario.Therefore,Ethical Hacking is


We all know that PHP is an amazing ,  most popular web development language, and powerful enough to be at the core of the biggest blogging system on the web.Whether the Business is small or large , it’s get flourishes online and so it has been the most secure ways of developing websites and dynamic web applications and it  is also used for freelance works and is designed for the


WHAT IS HACKING? Do not scared by the term called as “HACKING”. Hackers are  basically the cyber criminals or you can say as online computer criminals that practice illegal hacking. They encroach  into the security system of a computer network to fetch or extract information. So,hacking is a practice of modification of a computer hardware and software system. Illegal breaking of a computer system is a criminal offence. As we


BUSINESS ANALYTICS As we know that  Business analytics has become the lifeblood of every organization and it refers to a practice of repetitive, systematic evaluation of an organization’s data, with emphasis on statistical techniques and tools associated with analytics such as SAS, R, Python, Hadoop etc. It is also used by skilled professionals to abstract useful insights from the massive  amount of data generated on a day-to-day basis. As we

Business Analyst Training

What exactly is Business Analytics ? Business analytics means the study of data through statistical and operations analysis.  By which it highly requires quantitative methods and evident base data for business modeling and decision making and , It also requires the use of big data too which means  the volume of data whether it is structured or unstructured. Numerous technologies have been emerged as its companion, just with  the upsurge