What are the Ways to Avoid Being Hacked


Do not scared by the term called as “HACKING”. Hackers are  basically the cyber criminals or you can say as online computer criminals that practice illegal hacking. They encroach  into the security system of a computer network to fetch or extract information. So,hacking is a practice of modification of a computer hardware and software system. Illegal breaking of a computer system is a criminal offence. As we all know that Technology and internet facilitated the birth and growth of network evils like virus, anti-virus, hacking and ethical hacking.This is basically what hacking called.


Let’s read out the different ways by which you can protect yourself from being hacked by the nasty hackers-

  1. Avoid famishing  Text Messages.
  2. Same as phishing but to text.
  3. Always try to use several security programs and update frequently. Do not rely on just one program.
  4. Do not performing the updates is the same as not having it because new viruses come out every single day.
  5. Stay out of “creepy sites” when surfing. If you have a terrible feeling that something is wrong but have already clicked to the site there is a simple way to check if it is safe.
  6.  Try to build a better password. Never store passwords on your computer. Routinely refresh and vary passwords. Use 2-factor authentication.Try to use 20 characters or longer. If you can’t live with doing all of these things, at least pick a couple items which will be better than doing nothing.
  7.  Just try to ignore  the “pop-up” ads that tell you that a computer virus was detected.
  8.  While surfing you receive a scary message of how law enforcement has detected a virus on your computer. You have been locked out by Ransomware.
  9.  Try to avoid Phishing Emails. 156 Million are sent globally daily. 10% fall for a scam and share their personal information.
  10.  Any email suggesting great urgency or entertainment value, especially with a link should be avoided.

As we all know that Hacking/viruses are a very serious problem. Now-a-days,everyone is hurriedly making it through their day so quick clicks are very common and hackers know this.  So it is always best to fully read the content and assess all emails and text messages before responding in any way.  The best advice for everbody out their,always try to keep your anti-virus up-to-date and surf safely!

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